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My designs are all about textures.  You’ll find through out my work vibrant & beautiful textures.  I’ve included a guide to help you make your jewelry buying easier!  Typically we can adjust a designs texture.  This would fall into a custom order categor. You would just need to connect with us for what you would like.  Many would not incur an additional cost.  So don’t hesitate to message us! I’m working on a few new textures ~ Stop back soon!

Goddess Jewelry

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Goddess Components

(Greek) – Goddess of war and wisdom and domestic crafts. Plato believed her name meant “mind of God” whilst others suggest it comes an ancient word meaning “sharp.”  Both these words point to Athena’s great intellectual ability to see the true nature of a situation and to develop successful strategies.


While not a goddess , it’s the first Astrological sign and just seemed to fit this texture.  The symbol of the ram is based on the Chrysomallus, the flying ram that provided the Golden Fleece.


(Greek) – A sunny natured Goddess whose name means dawn. A wonderful texture – a favorite!


(Greek) – Goddess of the Earth and prophecy. She is the primordial mother and a personification of Mother Earth. She gave birth to the Titans.

(Germanic) – The spring Goddess whose name is linked to the East and the dawn. The early Christians took her fertility symbols of eggs and hares and incorporated them into the Easter celebrations.


(Roman) – Goddess and love and beauty.  Her Goddess name has become synonymous with her role as the woman who all men desire.

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