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BANDANA GIRL specializes in making one-of-a-kind or small runs of rustic jewelry, components & accessories. We also carry a full line of tools, findings & supplies for creative DIY designers.  We like to find wonderful natural items in  our woods and from time to time we create some fun rustic gift items.

We like texture.

Adding texture to designs brings the them to life and is part of it’s story.

We like color.

 Patina, paints & dyes color your story & sets the mood.
Our look is intriguing and is a big part of the attraction and attachment for our customers.

We like stories.

Each chapter of metal, leather & artisan beads, creates a beautiful story.
Short story, love story, comedy or  drama. You are the reader. You decide how it affects you, how you wear it or design around it. Each piece is made one-at-a-time with an” imperfectly perfect” heart.

We like simple.

The studio here in the hills of central PA allows us to keep adding to our story.
As the seasons pass, so does the line. It always looks fresh and contemporary, while keeping the main thread of the story very classic. You never know what materials you may find that will dictate a look and lead you in a whole new direction. It’s the “not knowing” that keeps it fun, challenging & enticing you back.

Welcome to BANDANA GIRL! 

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